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Parts Cleaning

Thermal Modification Technologies is dedicated to ensuring that your products are the best quality that they can be. That’s why we offer several auxiliary services, in-house and through trusted, local partnerships, to ensure that your products meet the standards set for them. One of those auxiliary services is parts cleaning.

As part of our services, we provide quality shot and glass-bead blasting to clean the parts that we treat. These are both in-house capabilities that can remove contaminants from the surfaces of parts, without changing the dimensions of the part.

Steel Shot Blasting

Steel-shot blasting is one of the most common methods of cleaning, stripping, and improving metal surfaces, specifically steel surfaces. In this cleaning method, small round balls of steel are released at high pressure towards the part, which then remove contaminants and smooth out the part’s surface upon contact.

Not only does this method of part cleaning remove contaminants, it also produces a clean, polished surface that improves the appearance of the part as well. Steel-shot blasting also gives the part much better durability, and is often used to obtain a very specific type of surface finish on products made of different types of steel.

Glass Bead Blasting

Glass-bead blasting is similar to steel-shot blasting. Specialized acrylic beads are released at high pressure towards a metal surface to remove contaminants. This type of blasting works with a wide range of metals and gives parts a smooth, even finish. Glass-bead blasting can improve the mechanical strength and aesthetic properties of the part as well.

  • Material
  • Aged Condition
  • Furnace Atmosphere
  • Hardness (if required)
  • Mechanical Testing (if required)
  • Specification (if required)

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