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Metallurgical Inspection

TMT has a metallurgical engineering team in-house to support you. Along with assisting you in material and process selection, as well as product reviews and even design, our team performs metallurgical inspection preparation and testing, in-house. 

Metallurgical Testing–a quick overview

Metallurgical testing typically involves the use of microscopy to assess the structure and other important properties of metal and alloy samples. When metals and alloys are subjected to heat treatments of any sort, their crystalline structures change, affecting their characteristics. Metallurgical Testing is an important part of studying this structure, and ensuring that heat-treated components will meet the requirements set for them. This process allows us to examine the sample’s grain flow and surface condition as well.

Metallurgical inspection at Thermal Modification Technologies

At TMT, we mainly perform this inspection process through metallographic imaging. Our team uses microscopic imaging up to 500x to ensure that the products we heat treat comply with our quality standards, as well as our customers.

Thermal Modification Technologies is an ISO 9001-certified and CQI-9-compliant company with a robust quality management system. We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our systems and our services, and strive to always deliver high-quality products. We can process parts per a wide range of industry heat treat specifications, and are well-educated on the standards of many industries.

Have more technical questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us today! Thermal Modification Technologies has years of heat-treating experience and our engineers are happy to answer any of your questions.