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Mechanical Testing

Along with all of our heat treating and quality inspection equipment, Thermal Modification Technologies maintains strong relationships with multiple accredited local labs to coordinate mechanical testing of finished products. 

Mechanical Testing is a term for a wide range of tests that determine the mechanical properties of a product or material, as well as their response to specific actions–such as the application of force. TMT works with several local labs to conduct examinations, such as tensile, proof, and other mechanical testing to ensure that products meet or exceed the standards set for them.

Charpy Impact Test

Also known as the Charpy V-notch test, this is a standardized, high-strain rate test that determines how much energy a material absorbs before it’s fractured. This measurement of energy can then be used to determine the product’s notch toughness. This widely used test is easy to prepare and conduct, as well as efficient in its speed. The Charpy impact test can also be used to determine how ductile a metal is.

Have any questions?

Contact us if you need guidance on process or material selection. Our engineering staff can review your prints or advise you on common material selections for your parts. We have helped many customers throughout the product life cycle, from the initial design stage to helping with post-service analysis to help drive product improvements.