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Cryogenic Treatment

At Thermal Modification Technologies, we have many different in-house auxiliary services to further improve the characteristics of our customers’ products. One of those services is cryogenic treatment for parts that especially need to be resistant to wear and corrosion.

Cryogenic Treatment at TMT

TMT possesses sub-zero capabilities for products requiring maximum transformation, hardness, or dimensional stability. During a cryogenic treatment, workpieces are treated to temperatures far below zero (below -190 C or -310 F) to remove residual stresses and improve overall wear resistance. This is a versatile process working with a variety of metal alloys, including steel and aluminum.

Cryogenic treatment has many other benefits as well. It can improve the life of a tool or component and improve the component’s electrical properties. Cryogenic treatment also is applicable to a wide range of applications, from industrial tooling to improved electric conductivity.

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