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HT Processes

We heat treat parts massive and tiny for large corporations and small businesses, heavy industry and high tech. As a full-service commercial heat treater, TMT is a one-stop shop for many in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We heat treat production runs, one-offs, R&D projects, breakdowns, and expedites, partnering with our customers to help them develop their products, or develop new processes for old products. No matter what your heat treatment needs are, we have a wide range of capabilities available to you.

Age Hardening

Age Hardening or Precipitation hardening is a process in which a material is held at a temperature to form small, alloy-rich precipitates to improve its hardness and durability.


Annealing refers to a group of processes in which a material is softened to improve subsequent machinability. 


Carbonitriding is a heat-treating process in which nitrogen and carbon are diffused into the part at specific, elevated temperatures, then quenched to form a hard outer layer.


Carburizing is a similar process to carbonitriding; however, only carbon is diffused into the part, which is then quenched to form a hard, protective layer on the part’s surface.


During Induction, a part is placed inside a copper coil and heated by an alternating high-frequency current, and then quenched.

Large Capacity Furnaces

Thermal Modification Technologies operates some of the largest capacity furnaces in the western United States, with the capability to treat parts up to 45 feet in length and up to 100,000 lbs in weight.


Normalizing is the process of heating and then holding a part above its critical temperature, and then cooling the part to form a more homogenous structure.

Plasma Nitriding

In Plasma Nitriding, a plasma field is generated in a partial-pressure atmosphere to diffuse nitrogen into the surface of a part, increasing its hardness.

Post-Weld Heat Treatment

Post-Weld Heat Treatment refers to a controlled stress-relieving process where parts are reheated after welding to relieve and redistribute stress.

Solution Annealing

Solution Annealing is the process in which parts are heated to a temperature at which secondary phases dissolve into a single phase, after which the parts are cooled to prevent those phases from precipitating.

Stress Relieving

Stress Relieving is a process in which parts are reheated to redistribute residual stresses from machining, forming, or prior heat-treating processes.

Through Hardening

Through Hardening is a group of processes in which parts are heated in a furnace and then quenched to increase their hardness and strength.

Auxiliary Processes

TMT also has the capabilities for several auxiliary processes to complement our heat treatments and ensure the quality of our operations. These include:

Have any questions?

Contact us if you need guidance on process or material selection. Our engineering staff can review your prints or advise you on common material selections for your parts. We have helped many customers throughout the product life cycle, from the initial design stage to helping with post-service analysis to help drive product improvements.