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Infrastructure and Construction equipment are vital for everyday life. Components that make up this equipment have to be durable, wear-resistant, and long-lived. Our proper heat treatments can impart these properties to even very large components.

Heat Treatments related to Infrastructure Applications

At TMT, we serve the Infrastructure and Construction markets with quality heat-treating processes. We have a wide range of options available and we would be happy to discuss the best options for your project!

Large Capacity

We have four large furnaces for components as large as a midsize car, located with two large quench tanks that can contain water or polymer quenchant depending on the grade of steel being processed. These furnaces can handle a wide range of processes, such as normalizing, annealing, age and through hardening, and stress relieving.

Plasma Nitriding

Plasma Nitriding is best suited for applications that require high-surface hardness. It also results in extremely low distortion compared to other processes, making it excellent for components that require tight tolerances and high-dimensional accuracy.

Post-Weld Heat Treating

Post-weld Heat Treatment or PWHT is a controlled, stress-relieving process that redistributes stresses that occur during welding. By heating and holding a weldment at a specific temperature, and cooling it slowly, we increase the toughness of the weld and reduce dimensional warping.

Stress Relieving

Stress Relieving is a process that reduces and redistributes stresses introduced during processes, such as machining, welding, and other heat treatments. At TMT, we can perform a range of different stress relieving processes, such as post-weld heat treating and low-temperature stress relieving for high-strength parts.

  • Material
  • Aged Condition
  • Furnace Atmosphere
  • Hardness (if required)
  • Mechanical Testing (if required)
  • Specification (if required)

Still have questions?

Thermal Modification Technologies is a leading supplier of quality heat treatments for a variety of industries, including the Infrastructure and Construction markets. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with one of our engineers.