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Defense Heat Treating

Defense manufacturing has the highest performance and quality demands of any industry. Components that are made for defense equipment and applications have the highest toughness and durability, as well as the longest lives. 

At Thermal Modification Technologies, we understand the ins and outs of the Military’s strict demands on your components. Our heat treatments meet DOD and AS9100 standards, so you can be sure that your parts will be in good hands with us.

Heat Treatment for the Military and Defense Industries

​Age Hardening

Age Hardening, or precipitation hardening, is perfect for increasing the tensile and yield strength of alloys commonly used in Defense manufacturing. It also improves wear resistance, making the material more durable even in harsh environments. 


Annealing is a process that removes internal stresses that occur during machining, preventing cracking in materials, such as copper, aluminum, and steels.


For steel components that need a hard shell that is wear resistant even in the harshest conditions, choose our carbonitriding treatment. Carbonitriding is perfect for parts that require a greater case depth than what carburizing can impart.


Carburizing is applied to components made of low-carbon steel, such as bearing, gears, and similar parts, that require a resistant surface while maintaining core strength and toughness.


Induction heat treating is perfect for treating specific features of a larger component, such as the teeth on a sprocket, improving their wear resistance and durability in harsh environments. 


Normalizing is an excellent heat treatment for Aerospace and Marine applications, reducing stresses within the material after machining and increasing the component’s stress.

Through Hardening

Through Hardening is one of the most widely used heat-treating processes, allowing high-carbon steels to achieve maximum hardness of the material.

Still have questions about our services?

Thermal Modification Technologies has decades of experience in a variety of heat treatments and quality services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today and get in touch with one of our engineers! We look forward to discussing your project’s treatment needs and how we can help you.