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Automotive Heat Treating

Heat treatment is vital for many automotive components, especially gears, shafts, and bearings. Automotive components undergo consistent stress in a variety of different environments. Heat treatment improves their durability and toughness, allowing them to operate for longer periods of time. 

TMT has many years of experience in treating metal parts for various automotive applications. We have a range of excellent equipment, as well as a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 standards, at your disposal for all of your heat treating needs. Whether your components need improvements in their hardness or increased core strength or even resistance to corrosion, we have everything you need to treat them.

Heat Treatments related to the Automotive Industry


Carbonitriding is a treatment done on components that need improved surface hardness or increased core strength. During the process, carbon and nitrogen are diffused into a material to allow for the formation of a hard, outer shell. This is often used for low-carbon steels and low-carbon alloy steels. 


This type of heat treatment is similar to carbonitriding, without the addition of nitrogen. It’s also used for parts made from low-carbon steels and low-carbon alloy steels that require improved surface hardness. Also, it can improve the component’s wear resistance, while still allowing the material to retain a high core toughness. 


Induction is a popular heat-treatment process for gears, shafts, pins, sprockets, hubs, and other parts where only a certain length or feature of the component needs to be hardened. It can also selectively soften previously hardened components, or harden certain depths of the material. 

Plasma Nitriding

Plasma Nitriding–the process of diffusing nitrogen through the generation of a plasma field–is used in applications that require high-surface hardness, but lower-case depths. It can also improve a part’s corrosion resistance as well–an excellent characteristic to have for Automotive components. 

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