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Aerospace Heat Treating

The Aerospace industry has some of the highest standards of any other market when it comes to metal components and their manufacturing. Not only do these components perform in demanding environments, they also often serve critical systems, where failure cannot occur. 

At Thermal Modification Technologies, we serve the high demands of our Aerospace customers with quality heat treatments to allow their parts to meet aerospace standards. Our team has years of experience in treating parts for this industry and we have extensive experience with its specifications and needs. 

Heat Treatments for the Aerospace Industry

We maintain the equipment to perform several different treatments that are commonly required to allow Aerospace components to meet industry standards. TMT is a full-service commercial heat treater with the ability to treat production runs, one-offs, R&D projects, breakdowns, and expedites in all volumes.

​Age Hardening

Age Hardening, or Precipitation Hardening, holds the component or components at a specified temperature to form small, alloy-rich precipitates that form a hard, protective shell.


This group of treatments softens a material to improve its machinability or electrical conductivity, allow for cold work, reduce residual stresses, or increase the material’s dimensional stability.


In this treatment process, we diffuse nitrogen and carbon into a part at an elevated temperature, then quench the part in order to form a hard outer surface layer.


Similar to carbonitriding, carbon is diffused into a part at elevated temperatures and then quenched, forming a hard, durable outer layer.


Induction is a treatment process in which a part is placed inside a copper coil and heated by a high-frequency, alternating current, then quenched.


In Normalizing, we heat and then hold the part above its critical temperature, and then air-cool it to form a more homogenous structure.

​Solution Annealing

Solution Annealing is the process in which parts are heated to a temperature at which secondary phases dissolve into a single phase and then cooled to prevent secondary phases from precipitating.

Through Hardening

Through Hardening is a group of processes in which we heat parts in a furnace, and then cool them quickly to increase their hardness and strength. We often temper parts after this process as well to achieve a desired strength and toughness balance.

Ready to get started?

Thermal Modification Technologies is your one-stop shop for quality heat treating and related services. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to request more technical information, don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with one of our engineers! We would be happy to assist you with any of your heat treatment needs.