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Industries Served

At Thermal Modification Technologies, we serve a wide range of industries. We heat treat parts ranging from as small as a dime to as large as a small car, for large corporations, small business, heavy industry, and high-tech companies. Whatever your heat treating needs, whether it’s a full production run in any volume, one-offs, an R&D project, expedites, or breakdowns,
we can help you.

Who we serve

TMT is well-versed in a range of industry standards, and we have extensive experience serving even the strict specifications of the Aerospace, Military, and Marine markets.
We have served a range of companies in the following industries.


At TMT, we have plenty of experience in heat treating for the high demands of the Aerospace industry. We have many different processes at your disposal and will work with you to determine what’s best for your project.


Thermal Modification Technologies services the Automotive industry with a wide range of processes. We ensure that your parts are durable and long-lasting for any application.


Our heat treatments meet the high demands of the Military and Defense industries. We are experienced with this industry’s specifications and ensure that all of your components meet DOD standards.


TMT provides heat-treating services to many sectors of the Energy market. Even if you’re not sure what you need, our engineers will work with you to determine the best treatment for your project.


At TMT, we serve the Infrastructure and Construction markets with quality heat-treating processes. From small parts to large, we have the capacity to treat them all.


TMT services a variety of Marine vessels with our wide range of heat-treating processes, ensuring you receive quality, long-lasting components. 

Have any questions?

Contact us if you need guidance on process or material selection. Our engineering staff can review your prints or advise you on common material selections for your parts. We have helped many customers throughout the product life cycle, from the initial design stage to helping with post-service analysis to help drive product improvements.