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Thermal Modification Technologies

We heat treat parts massive and tiny for large corporations and small businesses, heavy industry and high tech

We heat treat production runs and one-offs, R & D projects breakdowns, and expedites

We heat treat as your supplier of choice or as your strategic back-up

We heat treat per our quality management system, industry standards, and your specific requirements

We heat treat in partnership with your metallurgical engineering team, or you can rely on ours

A leading supplier of quality heat treating services

Since 1955, Thermal Modification Technologies has been providing a range of quality heat-treating services to customers across several industries. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated company dedicated to making our customers’ products stronger and more durable through various heat-treating technologies.

What we do

Thermal Modification Technologies heat treats products for everyone. No matter if you’re from a small business or a large corporation, whether you’re involved in heavy-duty industrial equipment or ground-breaking technology, we are here to be your heat-treating supplier of choice, or your strategic back-up.

We handle production runs, prototypes, one-offs, Research & Development projects, component breakdowns, and expedites. No matter what your industry standards, or your specific needs require, we will work with you to determine the best heat-treating process for your products.

TMT is determined to provide our customers with the best solutions for their products. That includes customer service as well. We can work in partnership with your metallurgical engineering team, or you can rely on our expert engineering team to determine the solution that fits your needs.

Your one-stop shop for a wide range of heat-treating processes

As a full-service commercial heat treater, Thermal Modification Technologies is a one-stop shop in the Pacific Northwest in beyond for all our customers’ heat-treating needs. No matter what industry your company serves, we understand your critical needs and will work with you to determine which process is best for you.


The Industries that we serve


Parts and products made for aerospace applications have to meet high-quality standards. TMT can help ensure your products meet those standards.


Our wide range of processes is perfect for a range of automotive parts and components. Check out more here!


Thermal Modification Technologies understands the high demands of the Defense industry. We heat treat critical components for our customers in this market.


The Energy market is diverse, and we have experience providing heat- treating services to many sectors of this industry.


Thermal Modification Technologies has several capabilities to serve companies in Infrastructure and Construction.


We use our extensive knowledge of heat treating to service a range of Marine vessels. Learn more here!